Service - Computer Upgrade

  • Part: 1209458
  • Model: NIG-SVC-TM002


Service will be provided by NOVA iT GROUP at an agreed time.

Computer will be delivered

* Excludes onsite delivery, installation of machine specific software and migration of data. (it is too difficult to estimate the time required for these tasks, they will be billed at our standard hourly rate.

We've changed the way we deliver / install the new computers, to try and help reduce your costs for installation. As such this quote doesn't include setup / install.

The process now, is as follows (unless you would prefer we quote to bring the PC on-site and physically install it for you).

- Order gets shipped directly to site

- Customer sets of the machine on the desk, and connects it into the network (via a network cable).

- The PC will automatically check in for you, and begin running updates as required.

- NOVA iT can remotely access the machine, and connect it to the server, setup a user account as required. 

** This time will be billable separately, on the regular billing cycle.

- PC will be ready for use.

By completing it this way, we can help ensure we keep costs to a minimum for your order, reducing the travel costs for the setup. As I said, if you would prefer that we quote for an on-site setup, I am happy to add this to the quote.